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Community Development & Activism Benefits from Social Media Networking & Marketing


Community Mobilization Participation Groundswells through Social Marketing

What comes first; the chicken or the egg? A simple question that has confounded people for generations can be applied in this perfect example of a geographically targeted community mobilization and the very measurable social media reaction.

One could not have happened with the other.

Community Activism is Born

On Feb 19th  2010, there was a violent mugging in our small urban city of Kingston, NY just blocks from the corner of my home.  The neighbor of the victim spent a sleepless night worrying about the safety of his own children, his friends, his neighbors and his city and by the light of morning had found his cause and had committed himself to it entirely. By 9am on February 20th, the Neighborhood Watch Groups of Kingston, New York, Inc. was born again.

Immediately Social Media Marketing Was Incorporated

Luckily, the concerned neighbor was my husband, so upon waking that morning and being told of his epiphany, I immediately went back to work.  Read more

Foursquare Confessional


Of Online Love and Lust

I am infatuated with Foursquare.  Even if I don’t quite “get” him yet. I think that is a part of the intrigue. Foursquare and I are just at the beginning of our relationship and I am not sure where it will go. It’s kind of nerve racking really. Foursquare is playing hard to get, making me wonder and keeping me on my toes.

Like so many of my internet infatuations, Foursquare gave me that special tingle right from the get go.  I can’t even recall when I first heard about him whether it was some blog, or at the office. I t doesn’t matter anymore. I know I sought him out to see what the buzz was about. While I was curious, once I did meet him, I wasn’t sure what to do next.

He was on my desk top, out of his element, looking like little more than some cute Twitter like directory.  I joined anyway. I had to know. And before I knew it, he had my profile.

Some might call me easy. I join with just about any site, blog, forum, network I can find online.  I do have my standards, but I am a professional and I get paid to engage online.  Every profile I make is open to everyone, public, and hopefully searchable.  Indeed, I will friend anyone.  But like everyone, I have my favorites over the years: Read more