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Corporate branded online marketerClaudia Corrigan D’Arcy began her “career” online over 12 years ago with the introduction of broadband internet service at her home. In the beginning she was just using the internet to independently research adoption issues in preparation of the successful search and reunion with her own son in 2007 whom was placed for adoption.

After mastering the nuances of online forums and message lists, founding, creating and managing various communities was second nature. As the internet grew, so did herself taught skills including early adaptation of social media as a tool used to get her message across and the community building and grass roots organizing skills that were created through new media.

It was this ability of recognizing and utilizing new online opportunities that provided the strong foundation and lead to working with DragonSearch as the Director of Social Media. While she continued to stay ahead of the curve and spot upcoming internet technology and tools that can be used to promote clients’ projects, she learned search engine optimization and the vast world of internet marketing.  Whether customization and promoting on Twitter, or growing a fan base for a Facebook fan page to over 5000 members in 48 hours, her ease of comfort with online marketing was apparent. She blogged for many corporate accounts  such as Loehmann’s,  The Grammy’s MusiCares, and Steuben plus providing SEO based copy for new websites, exterior articles and press releases. After almost 5 years working professionally in the field, she decided to leave her position and return to her true passion: the adoption community.

Now with an established background of blogging and online etiquette, Claudia knows intuitively how to negotiate the ever changing variables online so that her clients messages reach the most relevant viewers. As a self proclaimed research junky, she prides herself at being able to dig deeper and find just about anything online. Carefully honed, these skills are now used to sniff out highly specialized websites and find the most organic linking opportunities. On the same note, her years of forum participation and management allow her to effectively brand clients online profiles to the maximum of optimization levels. Years of carefully explaining the delicate nuances in adoption, have prepared her to effectively communicate and explain the nature of online profiles, promotions and how to benefit from their use.

These days she spends much of her time helping other small business and individuals understand the best ways to make the internet work for them. She has a unique ability to translate “geek” into basic concepts that can be understood and uses the tools to make social media and online producing as easy as reading emails. From designing and writing newsletters, to creating and optimizing blogs, consulting, reputation management and everything social, you can find her spending her days “running all over the internet” most effectively using whatever new tools she can find to spread the word.

If words can be used as swords, then the internet is a most effective weapon and, used correctly, can change the world.

Adopting Social knows how to help you achieve that. Whether you need to know where to start, or how to master it, or need training, few people understand  the internet from both sides, community and marketing, like Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy does.

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