I prefer to create a good strong foundation in your website with relevant organic SEO and  social connections that work for you.  In a perfect world, then I can teach you or your staff how to use the tools provided.

Every website designed comes with a custom tutorial so you can manage everything on your own, though I am always available for assistance and updates.

Learning SEO in House

I can teach in house marketing staff and also do present on various aspects of SEO and social media marketing.

Adoption Blogging & SEO Best Practices at the AAC Conference in March 2015

How to Roar: Internet & Blogging Best Practices for the Adoption Community covered:

  • Understanding how Google and the search engines work
  • Keywords and keyword research
  • Understanding what the spiders like in URLs and formatting
  • Linking with a purpose
  • Social media tricks and etiquette
  • SEO copywriting for adoption

I have also provided:

SEO for Adoption Blogging 101. You will get the PDF of most of the slides, the presentation and even MORE notes!

Now this link (which is in the PDF as well) will take you to The Massive Adoption Keyword Research Doc 2015 .

This is a handy Basic SEO Blog post format guide PDF as well to keep on hand.