Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine optimisation

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I’ll be completely honest. Search Engine Optimization is really complicated and search engine optimization is really simple. Take your pick, it all depends on the level of detail and the amount of time and effort and often money that you want to put into your website’s rank on the search engines.

A great majority of people know that SEO is important, but have no idea how it works or what to do. They outsource it to an SEO company that guarantees placement on the search engines, but then don’t want to, don’t understand why, or cannot make the changes needed and nothing really works like it should. It’s just not ethical in my opinion.

Why Websites Need Search Engine Optimization?

Whether you are a blogger, a nonprofit, a small business selling a anything; a service, goods, or product, your website has a purpose, a goal. To reach that goal, people who are interested in what you have to offer, your website must be found.

We’re not talking about the people who know about your site and look for it by name; we’re talking about the people who might not know that you exist and are looking for something peripherally connected to what you have to offer. The idea is to get  these people over to your website so they can see what you have to offer and become customers. To do that, your site’s URLs have to rank on the search engines, like Google, and preferably the placement in the search results should be as high as possible for searches that important to what you do. Then, when someone searches for one of those targeted terms, they have a better chance of finding your site and wanting what your provide.

It’s all very logical. You need people to find your website. Search Engine Optimization can help your website be found.

The Basic Organic Workings of Search Engines

The search engines, Google, Bing, to a degree Yahoo, all want to provide the best experience for the people searching. That’s why they have all gotten more based on personalization and local areas so you can find what you want faster and better. Check out this fun explanation from Google on how search works if you want a basic overview.

To do that they all use search engine spiders that crawl the web going from URL to URL collecting data on what that web page is about. I like to say that the spiders are lazy and stupid; they don’t read the whole thing. They have to go very fast, so they just skim a webpage just picking up certain bits of important information. Much of that has to do with content, but there is also the very important use of keywords, and then how the page code is formatted.

Making a  URL optimized for the search engine is really just a process of making sure that all that factors have been used to their fullest capacity. There are many factors that go into it, but the important ones are  almost so insanely easy that it’s just ludicrous not to do it. I mean, when I see a new website that obviously cost an insane amount of money to develop and the URLS are messed up and there is no copy worth a hill of beans, I see a business that just wasted a ton of money. Who can afford that?

I can help you get the basics of Organic Search Engine Optimization completed so it works and you understand how and why it works so you can keep growing. It’s not some big secret and it’s not rocket science.

  • Keyword Research:

    One of the best times to perform keyword research for SEO is before you actually start building a website.  A website built to be have a strong keyword structure will perform better  in the long run. However, any website can benefit from keyword research and onsite website optimization. In fact, pretty much anything that is produced to be online including press release, blog posts, articles, or even social media campaigns can benefit from keyword research.

  • SEO for Website Design:

    Optimizing a website for the search engines will help your website be found by the people looking for it.  A website built to be have a strong keyword structure will perform better in the long run.  SEO for your website will help bring in organic SEO traffic by helping your site rank higher in relevant search results. The same overall plan for your site can help shape the rest of your online campaigns including  back linking and social media. For a portfolio of some completed website design please check out this page.

  • Website Back Links and Link Building:

    A back link is any website link that links back to your website. When another site links to a page of your content, they are essentially telling Google that they find value on your site. They are also telling their audience that they find value in your site and the link back provided that connection so people can follow the link back to your site.  In a very basic way, back links help build traffic as they are like little road maps that send people to your website. Kind of like road maps pointing the way.

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