Website Back Links and Link Building

What are backlinks

What Are Back Links and How to Build Them?

Link building is like anything in SEO; it’s difficult and really simple at the same time.  For the most part, it sounds way more complicated than it really is, but for SEO back links to actually work to help improve the rankings and search results of any page, one should have a plan.

What are Back Links?

Basically, a back link is any website link that links back to your website. When another site links to a page of your content, they are essentially telling Google that they find value on your site. They are also telling their audience that they find value in your site and the link back provided that connection so people can follow the link back to your site.  In a very basic way, back links help build traffic as they are like little road maps that send people to your website. Kind of like road maps pointing the way.

Now when a search engine spider, finds a back link and follows it to its source, it reads both the anchor text ( what words make up the actual hyperlink) of the link and then crawls the page that it was linked to.   It is in this way that back links become valuable to a website.

When the spider “reads’ the anchor text it says  “Hmm.. this website says that this link is about Red Widgets.” Then when it follows the link back to the website page that is also optimized for Red Widgets and says ‘Wow, this URL really IS about Red Widgets” and then goes and send the info to the data bases. Now, if your Red Widget page has lots of eternal links coming in from other sites that use Red Widgets, then Google will be impressed with your sites URL Red Widget knowledge. It’s like each back link is a tiny recommendation and they all can add up to be important in terms of off page SEO. The off page SEO helps strengthen the optimization completed on your website.

Organic Link Building and Creating Links

Now, many people pay for link building services.  Truly valuable link building is actually very time consuming and cannot be outsourced to a bunch of people making inane blog comments.  Blog comment spam is NOT the way to build links.

When there is already keyword research and your website has a strong SEO foundation, then link building should become a matter of practice, but an organic exercise that is almost an arm of your social media activities. It’s all very related. I believe 100% in only manual link building. I would much rather teach someone the basic link building techniques and understanding of back links strategies so you can link build as part of your every day outreach online.

For instance, say keyword research showed us that “Dancing Rubber Chicken Videos” are a hot search term and you happen to sell Rubber Chickens. So we decide that it would be great to make a blog post about all the Dancing Rubber Chicken Video you find. The title of the posts is “Dancing Rubber Chicken Videos” and the post is optimized for Dancing Rubber Chicken Videos because it really is about Dancing Rubber Chicken Videos. So now we have this great blog post and we share it. When we CAN create a anchor text hyperlink, we use Dancing Rubber Chicken Videos as the text that links back to the Dancing Rubber Chicken Videos page. We might talk about commenting on other places that talk about Dancing Rubber Chicken Videos and creating back links form those pages to your Dancing Rubber Chicken Videos post.

So while not everything will be a “do follow” link and not all our efforts will result in links and maybe even some of the page we link to are not “high” Page Ranks for SEO links, but it’s real and natural and you’ll know that every time you see someone or get an alert about Dancing Rubber Chicken Videos that you can comment, and link to your Dancing Rubber Chicken Videos post with Dancing Rubber Chicken Videos. Does it work? Yes. Google “Birthmothers Dealing with Grief”.

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