SEO Keyword Research – Choosing Keywords for Search Rankings


More Than Just Meta Tags

Keyword research is very important for anything that is placed online.

In simple terms, you need to know what people search for when they are looking for something somewhat relevant to what you have offered on your website. Let me repeat, it’s important to KNOW what terms, not guess or think you know. Google knows and Google will tell us. That’s why we need keyword research.

Let me make it really simple.

Maybe you sell a product called red widgets. Everyone in the industry you are in calls the same product widgets too. But maybe your potential customers call them doo-hickies, because that’s just what people call them. They don’t know that the industry term is for widgets. So we put your word Widgets into the Google keyword tool and Google tell us that 200 people search for Widgets, but 2000 search for doo-hickies. Oh, and the widget searches, we can guess, are probably all your competition, rather than customers. Guess what term I am going to tell you to use to attract your customers? Doo-hickies!

So Much to Learn from Internet Search Keywords

Quality keyword research also gives you a deeper insight into your industry or into the minds of the customers you want to reach. People literally use Google to answer their questions and help them solve their problems.

Keywords are more than just for meta tags, they help us know what to write, how to develop content and what words to use. With keyword research you get to see other areas to organically expand into. You can find untapped markets and communities that you didn’t even know existed. Keywords can help you set up your website structure. Keyword research  can provide blog topics or even suggest new product lines. Keywords provide a map, a path, a guide to where you want to be. It can become the foundation of your entire internet marketing campaign and help you plan effectively for now and the future.  You get to know what your customers want and how they are searching for you so you can provide them what they need, when they need it.

Selecting the Best Keywords for You Online

Choosing the best keywords for your site is more than just selecting the most popular keywords. It’s a process of finding a wide range of relevant keyword terms and phrases that are both the most searched terms and have lower competition values. Sometimes it’s combining very granular niche research with strong popular terms, sometimes keyword selection is combining the most searched for words with words that have strong search rankings for you already. It’s both analytical and creative, it’s a science and an art.

This is a really great video that shows the process of keyword research:

One of the best times to perform keyword research is before you actually start building a website.  A website built to be have a strong keyword structure will perform better  in the long run. However, any website can benefit from keyword research and onsite website optimization. In fact, pretty much anything that is produced to be online including press release, blog posts, articles, or even social media campaigns can benefit from keyword research.

Tell me what you want and I will help you be found with keywords; Together we are Adopting Social.