Social Networking in the World of New Media


Using Social Media Networks

In my mind, I have been using social networks since I first came online in 2001. From the very beginning, my whole internet experience has been about connecting with real people though this medium. As the technology grew, the community adapts to the new tools incorporating what works and using it to their benefit. Through email lists, through forums, through blogs, through MySpace, through Facebook and Twitter; the industry name of social media is applied, but no matter what we call it, the  final result is connections with people who share common interests.

As now social networking is part and parcel of the everyday life of mass quantities of people, it has been incorporated by marketing, advertising and PR companies as means to get their message across. I know how to do that, but I really do not want to do that anymore. Unless it is done really well, it goes against the basic ideals of true social networking. It’s easily viewed as promotional and not within the true spirit of the this new media. I can say that now.

How to Use the Top Social Media Sites

That doesn’t mean that you can’t use social media  for a business or promotion or run a social media campaign, though., In fact, I still will say that EVERY brand, every business, every person who has a good or service, should be using social media and social networking, but I would much rather help you use the top social media sites yourself or from within your organization.

See, the thing is, social networking is all about the relationship built and no matter what the Supreme Court say, corporations are not people. To be truly social, people have to see a face of a human being behind a brand  in order to connect. It should be consistent and real, and it really can’t be something that you pay someone to do for you. You know your brand, you know your message, and in a perfect world, you should not be paying someone else to be you on the top social media sites.

Information on Basic Social Media; Guides and Guidelines

I know it’s really easy to say that and really hard to actually do it and that’s why I am here. One of the things I do best is explain in simple terms what you should and should not be doing. I know what works when using social media. I know how to spin a social media plan so that you can adapt the medium to best suit your overall goals. I know how to create universal online branding, set up your profiles correctly, add all the bell and whistles, and teach users how to add social networking to part of their everyday routine so you are using it as it should be.

Sometimes it IS more effective in terms of cost and time to ask for help instead of trial and error. I happen to love do the creation part of this work, building Facebook pages, linking Twitter accounts, researching initial following groups and finding the niche social networks and relevant communities. Then, we customize basic social media guides geared towards your needs and hold you hand while you learn basic social networking skills and increase your online reputation. The idea is to make social media work for you are as matter of practice and to make it as easy as possible. A new social media trend should not increase the amount of time you have to run all over the web. Some new social media site should not add work hours onto your day, but can be examined to determine if it is right for you and how you can use it.

Benefits of Social Media: Knowing Trends and Technology

The added bonus of having a social media consultant at your side is that I let you know when you should be doing something. I swear my brain never stops sometimes. When I hear some social media news or see new technology, I instantly think about how to apply the new tools. And I do not mean a generic email blast that tells you how everyone MUST be using Pinterest, I mean the person you can go to when you get that generic email blast or read an article and ask if you should jump on the latest social media bandwagon. Then, we can look at things together and decide if you need to move, or if your recourses are best spent elsewhere.

Your social, my skills; Together we are Adopting Social