Reputation Management


What is Online Reputation Management?

Do you know what people say about you online? DO you know what they say about your brand, your business? Are your watching? Are you listening? Most people only begin to care about their online reputation when it starts to go bad.

ORM: What to do to Remove Your Name When Your Web Reputation has Gone Bad?

When someone else starts to say bad things about you online then you have a web reputation issues. It can become especially important if the other sites that post the material about you begin to rank for your name  in the search results. There are few things as upsetting than looking for your own name and seeing online defamation.    After the shock comes the basic question “How can I remove my name?

The bad news is, usually you cannot actually get your name removed from another website. You usually cannot get Google to remove the listing form their search results either. It would seem like you are stuck, but the same Search engine optimization that is used to push your search results up, can be used ot push the negative search results down. So they cannot be removed, but they can be buried.

Re-building An Internet Reputation

Depending on how much internet real estate you already have under your control, some online reputation management cases are easy and some are hard.

The first thing that needs to be done is to stop doing whatever it is, if possible, that is causing the  issue. I had a client once who sent out unsolicited spammy emails an bloggers loved to mock it. We could get one post pushed down only to find a new one took its place. The problem was that people didn’t like the emails, but the client was not willing to change their business model. There was little that could be done in the long run.

I had another client how had TONS of online real estate and their main competition was causing them grief with bad reviews. It wasn’t easy to push down the review sites since they are prone to rank high with so many links to them Plus, all the other listings had settled in to their ranks. There was a limited number of new places to post brand information to out rank the review sites. In this case, we addresses the issue in a blog post explaining and documenting how we believe it is false reviews by the competition. Now, when a bad review shows up, the client can call it out as defamation and link to the post. It doesn’t help the rankings, but gives a reader pause  and disbelief regarding the trustworthiness of the review in question.

For others, who might not have much online,  profile building and content production with an eye on increased rankings  form SEO for the terms that have questionable results, will be the ticket.

Preventative Online Reputation Measures

The best time to think about your “Web Rep” is before you have a problem. Through alerts, monitoring, and profile building, we provide a structure for you to watch your internet reputation. Then, with the tools and foundation set in place, when and if trouble arises, we know what  can be done to push down the questionable listings.

I won’t lie and tell you that I can make you look like a shining start again. This kind of project is hard and take a long time, but when you have a dirty online reputation, it does need to be cleaned up.

Your dirty laundry, my clean cycle; Together we are Adopting Social