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Rondout Legal Services

Full Website Design and branding design, blog install, SEO structure, keyword research, copy writing, social media integration, Facebook, etc social creation and management.

Local Business website Kingston NY SEO

Rondout Legal Services

Musings of the Lame

Musings of the Lame 2005 to 2012

Originally in Blogger from 2005 to 2012: Branding, design, SEO structure, graphics creations, integration etc.

MOTL 2005-2012

Musings of the Lame Jan 2012 to Oct 2013

Moved to WordPress in January 2013;  redirection, custom WP theme, new SEO structures:

mOTL 213

Musings of the Lame Jan Oct 2013 to Present

New Rebranding

New MOTL copy

Lost Mothers

Branding designing, website design, social media integration

lost mothers



Good Old Vintage

Full website branding package, graphic design, social media integration and website design and function:

Original Good Old Vintage Website Design


No URL to share as the owners went and played around with the design. No longer proud of how it looks!.