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The Paradox that is Google Plus


Why I Love Google and Why I Hate Google

I love a good paradox, I really do. Which is good because I often think my whole life is contained in a huge paradox of sorts. I am a marketer that actually dislikes the root concept of marketing. I spend my time on social media, but in a large group I’m not that social. I love the work I do, but I hate change and online marketing is always changing. And at any given time (often simultaneously),I love Google and then I hate Google.

Needless to say, Google plays into all and Google Plus touches on all. After acknowledging that I naturally resist change and grumbling as it is in my nature, I got over myself and spent some serious time trying my best to find my happy place on Google Plus. Read more

Where does Google Social Search Fit In

Google’s New Social Search Experiment; Still Waiting?

I have been following the buzz about the possibility and then probability of Google unveiling it’s new social search function with interest, so it made sense that I was going to sign up for it and take a peek.  My curiosity was mighty peeked, but I also felt a measure of satisfaction.  I knew that eventually those Google Profiles that I so carefully have been building for all our clients would come into handy. It only made sense to me, even a year or more ago, that if Google offered you a chance to build something, like a profile, and you could add links to other places that “you” existed online, then Goggle would eventually do something with that information.

I decided to sign in as my own true self as my litmus test for any new service, site or function, was to see how it reacted to the online adoption community.  After over ten years of being entrenched in this community, I know who the key players are. I know who is an early adopter, no pun intended, of technology and internet trends. I know, that as a community on the whole, we really have effortlessly moved on as social media grew into what it is today. So I signed in as FauxClaud, joined the Google Social Search Experiment,  and put in a search that I have seen enough to know how it was different; I searched for “adoptee rights”. Read more