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Freelance writing services online copy contentOnline writing is a beast all on to itself. While the traditional rules of English, grammar, punctuation all come into play, writing online is more conversational, more touchable, and also has to be searchable. It’s one thing to find a freelance writer, it’s quite another to find a person to finish an online writing job who understands how the web works and what will get your message heard.

Creative Writing Online: Targeting and Emotional

So you find a freelance writer, and you like their creative style of writing, but do they know your market? Can they use the best keywords without making your message feel like an exercise in keyword stuffing hopscotch? Are they writing headlines that are both searchable and clickable?

After the Google updates last year, quality web content became even more important than before. You can’t just have empty words filing up space, but it needs to be content with stories, with emotional pull, all original content, that people can resonate with and want to share. I mean, what’s the point of have some great piece full of information if:

  1. No one can find it
  2. No one will share it
  3. No one cares?

You just wasted both time and money!

Freelance Writing: Your message, Your way, Your SERP Results

I am a freelance writer that can write anything. I can do serious writing, I can do technical writing , I can do conversational writing. I can write a story full of prose that makes people cry . And I can be snarky and controversial and make people angry. And, yes, sometimes both of those are needed to get your readers engaged! I have been published in the New York Times and others, but the NYT alone is supposed to impress you.
Published Works:

My previous written and published works have included:

New York Times, BlogHer, Divine Caroline, Adoption Today Magazine, Adoption Constellation Magazine,, Lost Mothers, (no longer available), Adoption Voice Magazine, Author‘s Den, International Adoption Associates, Op-Ed news, Blogger News Network, DragonSearch marketing blog  Ghost authored: Loehmann’s Fashion Blog ( 2008 to 2011) The Grammys’ MusiCares®  (2011 Be a Part of the Heart Campaign), Steuben, Manhattan Mini Storage, Emerson Resort & Spa, The Ride, Charles Fazzino,, Big Bucks Auto and many more.

Finding a good person to fill writing jobs online can be difficult. I promise quality, original, content delivered on time and on budget and made to fit your needs:

Freelance Copy Writing:

Do you need freelance copy writing services for web content, articles, press releases, ads, emails, blogs and social media updates?  Copy writing especially for online digital publications

Creating Website Copy:

Creating a website seems easy, but website content is vitally important. Let’s write website copy that works for you! Let’s create website copy that works for SEO purposes and helps your business be found.

Blog Post Writing Services:

How to make a blog be more than just a blog ? Blog writing services that make creating a blog worthwhile and get the benefits of a blog for your website and business without the commitment.


Your Message, my words;  together we are Adopting Social.