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seo optimized copy writingPlease do not under estimate the power of SEO copy writing. As the Internet has expanded the need of copy writing  for web content, ads, emails, blogs and social, writing for the web now is very different to writing for other media. Copy writing for the web tends to be more succinct than traditional advertising, yet still has to do the same job as traditional copy writing has always done. Understanding both the medium for which the written word is finally published digitally as well as the relevance to the targeted audience will only help your message be heard.

Understanding the Importance of SEO Optimized Freelance Copy

On the web, nothing lives in a vacuum and all things should link with purpose. Copy writing on websites should included and support the overall goal of achieving the  highest rankings in search engines. Organic search engine optimization of all copy written should fit into the overall plan for strategic placement online for your business. The careful repetition of keywords and keyword phrases on all things digitally published  on web pages should not be noticeable when done well and  human readers should consider the content to be  normal copy writing.  The strategic use of  keywords and key phrases in headlines, sub-heads, captions, link texts, navigation links and calls to action can only benefit both the actual copy when read and then support your marketing goals.

Simple Copy Writing Mistakes that Can Simply Hurt Your Business

A website has NEVER been hurt by adding SEO copy into it, but it can be hurt by ignoring SEO. Did you know that:

  • An online Press Release does more than just call attention to a new business venture or product. The formatting and placement of hyperlinks within a press release copy can help boost the search engine rankings of your website as press release distribution sites often have high page ranks within the SERPs. On the same note, pushing out press release copy to too many sites, or low quality sites without having I indexed by Google first on your own site can hurt your site.
  • Did you know that they way you link to your website on Facebook or Twitter can also boost your rankings especially if the sharing of your links is created with the best long range goals in mind?
  • Even the way your emails drive traffic back to your site can be done in a compelling manner that can further assist the strength of your website. Are you linking with quality keyword rich anchor text or do you the number one mistake online and say “click here”?

Bottom line, there is the old way of copy writing and the new way of copy writing for the web. You can take an old piece of copy and morph it for the new mediums or you can start from scratch and apply all the new tools to make it work best. I can help you do both.

Your copy, my knowledge; together we are Adopting Social.