Creating Website Content and Copy that Works

SEO Website Content Writing Services

creating website content copy servicesCreating your own website might seem like an easy task, but the content that is placed on your website is vitally important. Your website copy is more than just the message you give your readers or customers or potential clients, but it is how you, your business, your products or your services will be found and evaluated online. One of the most important factors in searching and indexing is your website content.

Copy Writing for Website Content

Content is king. And when I say content, I do not mean how pretty your website looks. It does not mean if it plays music. It does not mean cute animation or fun little pop ups. It does not mean images that change colors or exciting navigation. It means what is formatted as text; simple unadorned 26 letters of the alphabet text copy.

Yes, I am rather a big killjoy here. Don’t give me “clean” or “slick” or “minimalist” nonsense. If you are a huge name brand like Nike or Coke or Beyonce and everybody knows your name and wants to find you, then you can get all cute. But for everyone else? You need a good dozen pages for serious website copy that is about 500 words of keyword rich optimized copy or your website is just not doing it’s job.

Writing Website Copy that Gives Your Users What they Want

These days, people want what they want, when they want it and at their fingers. Your website content should be planned out and made sense so that people can find easily. If they want to contact you, let them find a way to contact you. Don’t make them search for your phone number or email. If the typical user cannot find what they want within 30 seconds, they leave and will go to your competitors.

Plus, the way your website content is laid out can help your business be found overall online.  How are your pages linked together? How does your menu lay out? How is your internal architecture? Do you use information silos? What’s they typical user experience? Where are your calls to action? What is the overall goal of your website? What’s it’s job?

A website can be like a trophy wife that just stands around and looks pretty while costing you a ton money every month or it can be a power house work horse! The biggest difference will be the website copy and quality of the content.

I can help you take your existing website copy and turn it around into content that works for you and your business.

Your website content, my copywriting skills; together we are adopting social.